Supporting someone experiencing loss and grief

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Create a space to LISTEN and hear what is being said, even if it is hard to hear.

ACKNOWLEDGE to yourself that each griever’s experience will be unique and may be very different to yours.

Do remember that nobody has to JUSTIFY their feelings. Although, your feelings may differ, do your best to hold a non-judgement space for the other person. 

Don’t prevent the person from EXPRESSING their guilt, regret, anger or any other feelings, which may come up for the person experiencing loss or grief.

Allow the person TIME to grieve. Everyone grieves in a different way and with their own time frame. For one person, they may appear to have worked their grief through in a month or so, for other people it may take much more time than this or less than this.

CHECK IN with the person regularly to see how they are going.

Support the person to express EMOTION and allow them to work through their grief.

Allow the person time to TALK.

SUPPORT children to share their grief and loss with the adults they trust and with their friends. See loss and grief for children and young people.