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    Dear @Deb-Camilleri, my heart and thoughts go out to you. I know that doesn’t really help but at least you know people do care about how you’re feeling.
    Losing a loved one hurts so much. My son Jayson 29 passed away on 24th July 2021 5 days before his 30th birthday. He wasn’t ill. He died in his sleep I found him the next morning. And they can’t give me any answers to why. He had a full life surrounded by what he called his Good People. He lived more in 29 years than any of us did and for that I am grateful. So today I am just going to try and accept it. This is what’s happened and I can not do a thing to change it, and neither can you. I think our first step is to accept our loss. Tough gig but has to be done if we are to continue some sort of normal life. I have to think about my other 2 children and my 3 grandsons, I must be here for them, they are grieving too.
    It’s day by day Deb just get up every day, show up and do whatever you can at your own pace. Take care of yourself.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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