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Home » Topics » Coping with uncertainty » Welcome to the COVID-19: Coping with Uncertainty Topic
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    COVID has brought so much uncertainty to all of us … when we look out the window everything looks the same and yet our world has fundamentally changed.

    Change brings Discomfort. And Covid-19 has forced us all to move from the familiarity of the past to the discomfort of an uncertain future.

    This is a space to express in words how the uncertainty of the pandemic has compounded your experience of grief, loss, isolation and loneliness. When we speak or write about our experience we match our words to our feelings, this, in turn, triggers a release and an openness to change (Julia Samuels, UKCP, BACP Acc. Psychotherapist).

    We invite you to share your experience and begin taking steps towards acceptance of our new reality.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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