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Hi @djta, thank you for sharing your story with us. I can hear in your words just how much this change in your relationship with your sister has impacted you. After being so close to a sibling it can be extraordinarily difficult when that relationship changes. Sometimes when communication becomes fractious the relationship may benefit from family therapy, as it may offer an opportunity for misunderstandings to be determined and communication to be facilitated by a skilled counsellor; but it is only an option if both parties are willing and wanting to participate. Perhaps this may be an option for you and your sister?
However, often familial estrangement becomes a necessary choice – where boundaries are set and held in order to protect ourselves. Even if this is the choice you make it is important to recognise that there may still be a sense of ambiguous loss, which can be difficult to navigate and come to terms with. The following link may provide you with some insights and clarity on all that you are feeling

Family estrangements – even when they are our choice – are difficult to come to terms with for many reasons: a sense of duty, memories of happier times, a desire for a different type of sisterly relationship, etc. I know this can’t be easy for you and hope you will continue to talk to the Griefline community and share your experiences, as you navigate this challenging period. We wish you peace and acceptance whatever decision you make.

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