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Am new here hi everyone
Am going through a long estrangement process with my sister. Its complex and not easy to explain. But here goes
My sister and i were close, she started a relationship with a guy which went bad. DV and he went to prison. I dont know what happened to her. She has shut down, at least with me and my parents. Its like she has two faces. one for work and one for me. I have witnessed this!!
The relationship ended but my sister has forever changed. We hardly talk, email or text let alone see each either face to face. My sister has become very controlling and micro-managing with me when she does communicate
Its like I am the bad guy and I am not
Sadly our parents passed away a few years ago, both died i suspect not knowing what happened in her relationship.
For me my sister isnt a very nice person any longer. Not someone I really want to have anything to do with. The only commonality is our parents home which will be either sold or rented. Again my sister is the one demanding things are done, takes her time making her mind up or I just dont know to be blunt
I would prefer to have the house sold, my sister is stuck on renting or selling.
Right now i dont have a sister its someone who communicates with me periodically and very formally. I feel lost and hurt. once the house is sold and the proceeds divided between the two of us. i dont think I want anything to do with her any longer. I dont like her she treats me like I am a second class citizen.
Has anyone gone thru a similar situation? As I said once the house is sold I cant see anything any reason to be concerned about my sister. yes blood is thicker than water TBH i dont like my sister and she ignores my attempts to keep the door open. So why should I bother any longer???
I can live my life without her right now

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