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Reply To: Unexpected loss of my dog.

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Hi jc39,

I’m terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your staffy, I’d love to know more about her – what was her name?

Pet loss can be a complex experience, with her in your life for 8 years it can only be expected that you feel grief losing her. They become members of our family and we develop a love for their personalities, so please do not feel ashamed for the way you feel – it’s totally normal!

I understand that it must be tough knowing she was in pain in her final hours, but she got to leave this earth with you (her best friend) by her side. I’m sure you provided her with immense comfort and she would have been so lucky to have someone that loved her as much as you do.

Guilt often comes up surrounding death, we wonder what we could have done differently and how things might have changed should we have taken a different path. However, I urge you to not blame yourself for this, it is clear how much you loved her and how much she meant to you and you did everything in your power to help.

Maybe in a few days when this isn’t as fresh for you, you could take some time to reflect on ways you can honour your beautiful staffy. If you’re feeling up to it I’d love to hear your favourite story about her!

She was clearly lucky to have you as an owner and I’m sure she would want you to look after yourself and treat yourself with the same love you gave her.

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