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Thank you for reaching out @julellenau and telling us about your beautiful bird Sid. He sounds like he was an incredible character, who brought a lot of comfort and joy to your life, both before and after your mum moved into aged care. Losing a beloved pet can be devastating, especially one who provided such solace and affection as your Sid. It is completely understandable that you would be mourning his loss and feeling lost without him. I wonder if you have family or friends who knew Sid and how much he meant to you, who you can speak to about how you are feeling? Sharing memories of a loved one who has passed – including our beloved pets – is one way we can honour their memory and acknowledge how important they were in our life. And spending time with people who care about us can help us feel less alone in our loss.
I also know there are many others on our forums who have lost a companion animal, and who would understand your feelings of grief. You may find solace in reading some of their posts, knowing that how you feel is valid and important. And you may find some helpful advice in the following resource from our Griefline resource centre, as there are several posts regarding the loss of a pet, including:
Thank you for trusting us with your grief. It can be difficult to share how we are truly feeling, and we are honoured to sit with you in your grief. I hope you will keep talking to us and know that you are not alone. I am thinking of you and sending you healing energy

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