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Reply To: Losing my mum and not feeling supported by partner

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Losing my mum and not feeling supported by partner Reply To: Losing my mum and not feeling supported by partner


Hello, i read your forum and can understand totally, your partner (should) be more supportive, as like you said “everybody experiences grief differently” I have found this to be so true, In mid 2020 my mother aged 70 lost her 2 year battle with cancer.
This caused me to have a small breakdown and i still have not stopped grieving, Grief takes as long as it takes , there no simple fix as my doctor told me today. I also am stuck in shock and disbelief that my father has passed away too, i am not dealing well with that due to i was the last person to see him the day before i went to hospital for surgery, only to come home the next day and find my father had died in his spot. I feel like that broke me, i cryed my soul out the night i found him, but i have not been able to get in touch with my emotions and have not cried since that day, i really do feel that this broke me, i still can feel the adrenalin of shock still, even whilst typing this.
I did not intend on typing all that in my reply to you, i merely wanted to reply and let you know that someone understands, and even though different circumstances, the surrealness and acceptance is a very difficult thing to deal with, in my opinion, you are doing the right thing to reach out to somebody in the online forums community, i have only just joined as i need to talk with people whom understand the feelings & understand how terrible and horrible all the mixed emotions and upset feelings truly are.
i will be utilising this forum with my own post detaling the sudden death of my father , it was only 7 weeks ago, i really still feel like i’m in shock.
I have a few questions, 1. does the grief cause you nausea or lack of appetite and 2. mixed emotions and feelings ?
Because i believev that everything we go through in the healing process is very important as we are the ones left behind on earth , and we shouldn’t be so upset about the loss of loved ones, we should retrain our thoughts to celebrate their lives.
I hope this short message (well it’s short to me) lets you know that someone understands what you are going through. Mike

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