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Hello dear Moon,
We’ll all of us here are here for the same reason, just to feel someone’s hearing us, to feel supported in our heartbreak, someone to talk too, because we truely don’t have anyone…..especially I feel, other mothers, in the safety of other suffering mothers is where we know our pain is always being witnessed. Yes that frightening fear of who are we, think about that all the time, our whole life for our children, the great tangle of emotions thrust upon our hearts through illness, which I still feel like I’ve held my breath since the beginning so that now just can’t breathe, who are we it’s yet to be discovered, I just pray somehow to keep my bleeding heart open, for you and others here.
No need to mind if we repeat ourselves, or go over the same things as that’s our roundabout of pain going on constantly, I think everyone here understands this, I mean that’s all we have.
Sad for you for those horrible panic attacks, they are frightening, even as you say you know it’ll pass, leaves you just shattered and can’t cope with the world.
I’m glad to hear the sessions have been beneficial, at least a caring listening soul hopefully you could keep talking to her also.
I got my next issue of compassionate friends mag, somehow helpful to read their stories, still not the courage to go (that far) to a meet up…..just hoping somehow to find just a couple of other families who may like to come for informal cup of tears.
Always thinking of you Moon, we’ll just help each other from here.
Love Deb

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