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(Please respect privacy and confidentiality thanks)

Thank you, Jeremy.

Connection, honest and deep, is only possible through vulnerable authenticity. And Jeremy showed up, in every moment, as beautifully real. You felt it, through the warmth of his smile, the sincerity of his chuckles. If eyes are the window to soul, Jeremy was pressed up against his.
Some people might be chilling on the carpet,, doing a puzzle maybe, further from the glass. But Jeremy was right there. Every time I held his face and looked into his eyes, his spirit burst through them, like a kid after school clambering out their bedroom window because they just can’t wait to climb that one tree. Just looking into his eyes you could sense that he existed with such bravery, with wonder and with warmth. That type of presence is rare and to know Jeremy will forever remain a gift.
In recounting the years that I have been lucky enough to be friends with Jeremy, I started to spiral because the edges of my memories had been frayed by time. But we only lose the unimportant details. The love and joy of Jeremy is not the colour of his shirt, the punchline of a joke or the weather on a Wednesday.
I think people plant seeds of love in one another, through every smile and act of compassion. And we water them by realising that that love is now with in us.
Thank you Jeremy for the way you squeezed my hand back when I squeezed yours.
Thank you Jeremy for sharing your agriculture notes.
Thank you Jeremy for being such a gentle skate teacher.
Thank you Jeremy for understanding I don’t take criticism well.
Thank you Jeremy for the warmth you hug with.
Thank you Jeremy for the secrets you whispered in my ear.
Thank you Jeremy for the honour of trusting me.
Thank you Jeremy for loving me with out judgement.
Thank you Jeremy for all of your song recommendations. Each and everyone one was a proper banger.
Thank you Jeremy for laughing at my jokes even when they weren’t funny
Thank you Jeremy for making jokes that were actually funny.
Thank you Jeremy for listening to my rambling rants.
Thank you Jeremy for being a gracious pool winner.
Thank you Jeremy for dancing with me under street lights.
Thank you Jeremy for telling me your dreams in vivid detail.
Thank you Jeremy for never making me feel like I was too much.
Thank you Jeremy for planting a football field of flowers on my chest that I can smell and know you all over again.

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