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Reply To: Lost my 16yr old Daughter to Cancer

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Dearest KB
I have just come to this site as desperate to feel in a safe place with other grieving Mumma’s, I’ve read your words which I know don’t even come close to the wretched feelings we have every waking moment now, just wanting/needing to reach out to you to say you are heard and felt by me also as your feelings reflect mine….Kb I’m so sad for you and all you have and do endure and my prayer is always to devote my pain and soul ache to all other grieving Mumma’s. I’ve not been able to speak of my beautiful girl Sayge 19yrs2mths 1 day)!or write about it as yet it’s just too much for me to cope with however reaching out to you is as much as I can bare to say my sweetsayge left on 15/1/21 and I too am without purpose, crying all the time to exhaustion, we have been everything to each other I’m in utter broken disbelief…our story is similar to yours which maybe I could share at another time if you want to keep talking. Isn’t it soooo impossible to speak about, the horrors of that happening to our! Belovedsxx as you I’ve felt deeply the anguish and pain my Sayge had to endure, and what for! Just to lose them. I can’t do anything I’m a mess and I need to feel the understanding of these bereft Mumma’s.
Thank you for being here bravely sharing as you have so far so as frightened Mumma me can feel I belong somewhere
Thankyou all for your words of support to all who are tragically here
Loving hugs For now

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