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VM- thanasis43

Hi @katb, it looks like your post may have been missed when some others came in. If this is the case I’m so sorry that no one has replied to you sooner when you were seeking quick suggestions and I understand that you may now be back at work. It sounds like you have experienced such an awful lot of loss in a very short space of time. You were still grieving your Mum when your Dad passed and obviously still grieving them both when your Mother in Law passed away. It’s not surprising that this latest loss has brought up so many feelings for you again. Grief has a way of compounding.

I’m glad to hear that you have supportive friends and co-workers around you, sharing your grief openly can be key to not letting it further compound.

It’s great that you took the initiative to make a mental health plan with your doctor. Were you able to reschedule the appointment? This article on connecting to healthy routines may also be helpful:

Have you found anything particularly useful in helping you get through the workday?

Plenty of people in our community can relate to what you are going through so please keep talking here and know you can also call the Griefline helpline on 1300 845 745.

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