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Reply To: Preparing my self to the passing of my Grandma

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Preparing my self to the passing of my Grandma Reply To: Preparing my self to the passing of my Grandma


Dear @Essie, our hearts are with you for the loss of your beautiful grandmother. We are so glad that you were able to be with her and surrounded by loved ones as she passed.

It’s understandable that you feel numb right now – we often feel this way for the first days, weeks, even months. This is your own unique grief response and there is no right or wrong way to adjust to your loss. But it’s so heart-warming to hear of the immense gratitude you have for the time you had with your grandmother. It speaks volumes of your very special bond and will serve you well as a valuable coping tool if things get overwhelming.

Spending time with family then time alone is also a very helpful coping strategy. So too is focusing on the good memories you have…these are what formed your special bond and nothing can ever take them from you. We’re glad that you are able to practice such good self-care @Essie.

And helping your grandfather to share the burden of grief is a beautiful way to honour your grandmother. Remember to be kind and caring to yourself too – no one would expect you to be strong every day. Reach out to us here anytime you need – we are here for you.🌸

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