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Hello Bugsy. Sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad died 17 years ago, we did everything together. I had more of a connection/bond with him than my Mum. I have my moments 17 years on about him, even harder with Mum gone, 4 months today since Mum went to sleep. There’s a line from one of my favourite band’s songs and it is so true… “Life goes on, as if it never ends, eyes of stone, observe the trends…” The first bit is so damn true. You get angry and upset of when it happens. You are like, why can’t they stop like me. It’s all those moments, I need to tell….then it hits you when damn, you know that you can’t. I’ll have to look up that poem. I am on instagram and before the loss of my Mum, I looked at all those quotes of anxiety, etc, which I have already. Ever since Mum went, I have looked at the grief ones and all, to try and help me get the words out of what I am feeling. If you are on instagram, search some tags. They can be really good as well. The moments will always be there.

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