Kaya lends support to CEO Sleepout to break cycle of poverty and homelessness

Kaya Latage, CEO Sleepout 2019

GriefLine CEO Kaya Latage participated in her first CEO Sleepout in Melbourne recently.

It was a fantastic opportunity for Kaya to meet with the range of wonderful people who were also partaking in the event. 

Kaya was impressed by the efforts of the staff and volunteers from St Vincent’s De Paul and all the work they achieve in the field of homelessness. 

According to Kaya,  “At GriefLine, by providing support and counselling for people who have experienced homelessness as a result of grief, loss and/or trauma, we are aware of the myriad of reasons and ramifications, which result from homelessness. This includes and is not limited to an increase in family violence, increases in chronic stress, more frequent drug and alcohol use, sexual assault, unemployment, mental health problems and increase in complex health problems.”

Kaya hopes to raise $5,000 and calls upon the GriefLine community to come together and raise the flag for all people who find themselves experiencing loss, grief and trauma and wrap them around services which support and connect them with their existing strengths and capacities. 

You can donate to Kaya here.