Grief Counselling

GriefLine works with anyone experiencing grief, loss and/or trauma across Australia, inclusive of remote, regional, rural and metropolitan regions nationally. All our services at GriefLine are free and we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Everyone has experienced grief or loss at some time in their lives and it can be a part of the grieving process that the person may experience extreme contradictions in emotion, varying from sadness, to resentment and anger and inclusive of many other emotions, which may also not make sense to the person at the time and may also feel very unexpected. Everyone’s early family experiences, life experiences and the way each person makes sense of the world is a very individual process and everyone’s experience of grief and loss may vary dramatically from one person to another, even within the same family as a result of a person’s own singular and individual experiences across their life.

To also support people with their experience of grief and loss, in November 2020, GriefLine will be launching online moderated forums for people experiencing grief and loss, loneliness and isolation, bushfire survivors and first responders. These forums give people the opportunity to read (in real time) about other people’s experience in managing and working through their experiences of grief,  loss and trauma, while also providing the opportunity to actively interact and share their own journey.